Dec. 25th, 2011

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Hello and Welcome to the Dreamwidth mirror for the livejournal community, commentficathon. Be sure to read the rules below before posting and if you have any questions regarding the community, feel free to ask (comments are screened)!

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TO AFFILIATE: with [community profile] commentficathon, leave a message here and you'll be added to the affiliates list in the profile page. I'm presently accepting writing challenge communities and general/fandom fanfiction communities only.

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Need a fandom tag for a thread?
Leave a post here and the tag will be made for the thread.
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ABOUT: "The Holiday Comment Ficathon" dedicates itself to the last two festive months of this year (2011), however, the prompts you submit don't necessarily have to be "Christmas" or "Thanksgiving" Themed (take for example, like this: Digimon, Mimi, 'Mimi and Palmon's thanksgiving special!'), just make sure at least one of the prompts you submit has something to do with the holidays. Otherwise, go nuts and have fun with this.

1. All Fandoms (Animated/Anime, TV, Comics, V.Games, Books) With the exception of (Real Person Fanfiction of any kind) are allowed here.
2. Fanfiction Rated G through R are allowed.
3. Post Prompt like so: "FANDOM - PAIRING/CHARACTER - PROMPT
4. When Posting a reply to a Posted Prompt, please use the following format in the Subject Line:

5. BASHING and FLAMING is strictly prohibited. Respect Others pairings and fandoms.
6. Questions and Comments about this ficathon? Use the thread below.

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