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Name:Commentficathon (OPEN)
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A General fanfiction community for comment-ficathons
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Hello and welcome to [community profile] commentficathon, a community dedicated to the posting and promotion of comment fic threads. The inspiration for this community stems from my inital experience in particpating in one and the gradual learning process that a "comment fic[a-thon]" was not another mechanism for RPG communities (don't ask). ALL FANDOMS ARE WECLOME, unless specifically stated in the rules, and I would urge you to use this place to the best of it's abilities and spread the word around so it doesn't become a empty hall of a failed attempt at communitism.

What are Comment Fics?
Plain and simple: comment fics are community challenges started by one or more people who create a single thread, either in their own personal journal or a community open to the public (or not), which will then be used to post fanfiction that spans the maximum length of the comment box (or longer and when that happens its usually posted in the user's journal like any other story) normally used to reply to posts (like graphics or fanmixes).

The writing process is not dissimiliar to that of [ profile] smallfandomfest; However, instead of separate posts dedicated to compling a list of prompts that then be used for posting lenthy fanfics or fanart in separate threads, prompts are posted by one person (like so: "Harry Potter, Harry (or Harry/Ron), Driving Lessons") in a comment, and another responds to the prompt by clicking the "Reply" link on the comment box containing the prompt and posting the fanfiction [EXAMPLE]. The process continues on like so until popularity of the thread dies down.

#1. You can use this community to post and/or promote your comment ficathon(s). All fandoms (except the one in rule #8) are allowed.
#2. Flaming and bashing of fandoms, pairings and opinions will not be tolerated. Agree to disagree if things get that bad.
#3. Posts featuring promotional banners over 500x300 pixels will be rejected.
#5. Wanna affiliate with [community profile] commentficathon? CLICK HERE.
#6. Wanna Request a tag for for your fandom? CLICK HERE.
#7. Membership is moderated to block spammers and trolls.
#8. REAL PERSON FANFICTION and fiction depicting Underage relationships (example: Hope/Lightning) between characters is not allowed; also, remember to label drabbles/threads with proper content or trigger warnings.
#9. Commentifcs, while typically the length of the limit of characters allowed in the commentbox (or shorter), can be as long as you like. I honestly will not mind if you're drabble response ends up over, 4,000 words long and posted a story on its own. Just link it back here so it can archived in a masterlist. Its not required that commentfics be extremely long (its an option), but the requirement for participating is that the fic is at the very least 100 words. Any shorter and the entry doesn't count.
#10. If your are unable follow these rules, you will be banned. Plain and simple.
#11. Please spread the word so that this community can grow and prosper.

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